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March 21, 2013 / ldejong4

Writing is Good for the Soul

I had a bit of a challenging year and during the Christmas period a secret santa at work gave me a pretty notebook. After some inspiration from a close friend, I decided to get my thoughts down on paper. This was my first ever serious poem. Two weeks after writing this poem, I handed in my notice to seek a career change. It’s truly amazing how therapeutic writing can be. I’ll let you read into some of the thoughts and themes in the poem yourself. Enjoy!

The Sounds I See

I race down that howling street every morning
In anticipation of the team’s energetic noise
Comforted that it’ll drown my delayed arriving
Only to be deafened by a silence that echoes

Concentration in its element; ambition, motivation
Determination. But what are these –  just words?
Many a time in our beloved manager’s mention
But for me, words conveying sounds, I already heard

Lunch time pings delight, I eagerly await the banter
Buzzing excitement surrounds, pink steak in slicing
Now booming bellows dampen my longing laughter
A distressing contrast that keeps my senses thriving

Intimate coffee chats conclude, back to the ranch he grumbles
Lost in a deceitful silence, my lonesome music cannot hide
More sounds I hear? A chuckling, towards which I stumble
The best sounds to see, a gong – witnessing an earnest pride



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  1. J.D. Gallagher / Mar 25 2013 9:53 pm

    I love poetry but was never able to write it. Enjoyed this especially ‘a silence that echoes’ great line.

    • ldejong4 / Mar 26 2013 11:24 pm

      Thanks J.D.G! I’m new to this and really enjoyed your finalist post I came across. Very honest and engaging style you have.

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