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March 27, 2013 / ldejong4

Write Drunk; Edit Sober

So a week has passed since my first blog post. A very interesting week indeed. Many friends liking my blog and even some strangers. In that week I received some emails from friends I haven’t seen in a while either proposing a catch up or thanking for the inspiration to also write. This interesting week was a good week. A promising week but then turned into a questionable week.

What the hell am I doing? I don’t know how blogs work. I rarely follow them. The only thing that came to mind about blogs was my class clown brother questioning the origin of the word blog. Back in the days he humourously associated it with a brown log and nothing more.

Am I really putting myself out there? But I can’t be, it’s cyberspace. There’s a huge distance involved. Like the distance webchat creates, or texting someone you don’t know so well. Or the temporary distance alcohol creates between your true personality and your newly established confidence when talking with a good looking stranger. I panic a little. I need to be careful what I publish. There are sober and logical human psyches reading my content. Also, what is the purpose of my blog. What is my niche, my genre? I definitely don’t want to be a brain dump blogger. Maybe I should have thought this through more…

Then I come to a realisation. I could worry about 101 things and create 202 excuses not to blog. Not to put myself out there and not to publish events, emotions, critiques, advice, observations or whatever it is I will focus on. At the end of the day, I enjoy writing and that is what I will do. I will write about what interests me, what I am passionate about and what advice I can share. I hope it works out. If I get positive feedback, hurray – go me. If I get negative feedback, hurray – my writing sparks reactions. To be successful at anything, you have to take risks and persevere. I suppose it’s about bravery and positive thinking. As we say in Ireland… Sure feck it! It’ll be grand!

In my first post some people commented privately on the emotion in the poem. Reading it literally, there is no direct reference to emotion. Unless boredom is an emotion. This is what I love about language. You can do so much with just words. It’s an art. And guess what? The tools and the paint are all free. It interests me that some read into the poem more than others. Some interpret the sounds and images. Others sense an emotion that might or might not be there. Here’s an example with the line “Lost in a deceitful silence, my lonesome music cannot hide”. I visualise myself listening to some music through my pink headphones. Probably the latest One Direction song. I’m lost because I am engaged in work. It’s a deceitful silence  because it looks like I am silent but I am dancing to music in my head. It’s lonesome because nobody else hears my music. Finally, it cannot hide because I overhear another sound. I am glad some people were so touched and concerned for my well-being with that line. I thank you but do not worry. I just like to play with the tools of language.

So for now, I will continue to write in my free time while I find my niche, my genre. Those of you thinking of doing the same – just keep writing. Get all your ideas down and you can edit later. Write drunk and edit sober. Have fun!

*Thanks to my friend who inspired me with a Hemingway quote – you know who you are.


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