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April 17, 2013 / ldejong4

Painting with Words

Richard of York gave battle in vain

Rinse out your granny’s boots in vinegar

Ride on yesterday’s great big innocent vulnerability

Reach over your green blue inner veins

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

What are colours anyway?

And-But, What are they not?

What is my favourite colour?

Decisions decisions decisions I just cannot make

Can the words of colours evoke the same thoughts, feelings?

Creating the same image? Stronger? Better? Or weaker?


Pink, yellow, white, silver, gold, purple, lime green, grass green, mint green, olive green

Red – Red – Red – Red and lots more reeeeeddddddd!!

Framed in blue. A blue line. A thick and smudged blue line

Close your eyes. Open them




Lots and lots of dark dark dark and shiny black

A big dark black hole. So deep you get lost

So dark it exhausts you comfortably

A wonderful sleep enveloped in soft white sheets

Peaceful white


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