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June 19, 2013 / ldejong4

Distracted 2

(Part 2 of 2 – Set in contemporary Ireland)

He was a tall young man but felt awkward in his own skin when walking out of the library full of students silently working. It gave him an urge to run out but he maintained his poise with every effort not to draw any attention to himself. She smiled at him as he emerged from the building and they stood together on the stone steps as she smoked the cigarette he had watched her roll from his desk. Similar to Erin, Cara was one of those girls who made smoking look elegant. Looking out at the drizzle and clenching is rucksack straps, he wondered when exactly it turned from a bright and fresh morning into a grey and damp afternoon.

“Are you hungry?” he asked hoping she was also.

“Yeah I could do with some food to keep me going into the evening. What do you fancy?”

You he thought.

“They do those Wednesday student specials down in Paulo’s.”

“Sure let’s go there” she responded.

It was only a two minute hurry though the rain and they arrived to find a busy café. Many students with the same idea created an energetic atmosphere in a café that was normally dead after the lunchtime rush. Downstairs was the wine cellar and the only place they could find seats at high bar stools.

He was grateful to be sat across a very affable girl. He wouldn’t know where to begin otherwise and would probably blurt out an inappropriate question about Erin’s whereabouts. Instead, he let her take lead, responding to questions here and there then politely reversing them. She talked about her degree, a recent trip to Berlin and her grandmother who had become very ill in recent months. Despite her upbeat energy, he guessed she was hiding some inner strife. He’d never noticed her eyes before and even though one was a darker shade of brown than the other it gave her character, which he found very attractive. Her sallow skin looked to be her own and not out of a bottle like many of the other girls in college but this was something he was never sure of nor dared question.

Shortly after sitting down they were approached by a sales girl in a fitted black dress with a tray of wine tasters. She was promoting a wine advertised as the new trendy brand for young adults. They had samples of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. He didn’t really want to drink but as he was following her lead he went with it. She embraced her samples with excitement.

“I’m done studying for the day” she said setting down an empty taster. “Feel like ordering a bottle? I deserve a treat after that exam.”

John woke up early the next morning to the sun shining in brightly through the cracks of the blinds. He mentally prepared himself to get up and dangled his leg out of the bed to cool down a bit. Looking at the ground in waking he saw her jeans, her bag and her necklace sprawled. His clothes from the night before were neatly folded on his bedside locker.


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  1. JG / Jun 23 2013 10:01 pm

    Seems like the story’s just getting started…

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