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September 24, 2013 / ldejong4

Conversations on the Nitelink

A tall, sturdy, attractively curvy girl with a long bob sat down next to him and engaged herself in conversation. She asked him where he was from, what he did, where the best places to go were, what the weather is usually like, what he thought of the people in Dublin, and then where exactly her stop was.

“It’s just at the top of the road where the town hall is. You know. The Mc Donald’s. Ya can’t miss it.”

She swayed from side to side the whole journey as one does on the upper level on the 2am Nitelink from the city. Forward and back a little now and then, her left thigh, calf and stiletto exposed enough for the people behind to see he wasn’t leaving her much space.

“Thank you so much, lovely to meet you” and she slowly stood, taking her time, uncomfortable on the moving vehicle.

“Jaysus I tought she was your woman” said the young looking lad across the aisle with a voice of PJ Gallagher, his arm around a passed out girl.

“Na, I already have a girlfriend. Well, an almost girlfriend.”

“An almost girlfriend. What’s an almost girlfriend? For how long?”

“Six years” he responded smirking

“Six years?!” and the girl awakens with the rise of his intonation.

“Ye like we were both travelling. I met her abroad. Then we came back. Then we went travelling. Ya know yourself.”

“Well that American could’ve been your next almost girlfriend!”

“She’s Canadian. How old do you think she was?” he said bearing a pensive expression.

“Ya didn’t ask her?! Sure that’s the first thing your supposed to do when yer chattin to a girl.”

“I’d say she’s in her late twenties. She’d a good few jars on her anyway. I was even gettin tipsy from her breath.”

The couple chuckle. “Well we’re gettin off here. Best of luck to ye and your almost girlfriend. We’re only back a week from our honeymoon.”


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