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January 7, 2015 / ldejong4

Do you remember

(Published in The Yellow Book, 2015 – Rethink Your Mind)


Do you remember that summer?

Together in Corsica

We drove the winding roads

Through the coral sunbeat mountains

To the coast of Cargèse.

I’ll never forget the beach

Where we laughed together for hours

On that peaceful afternoon.

We were the only ones

Lying there

You, me, mam and pap

And oh how we laughed at her – a mummy

Wrapped like that, in her cream pashmina

Hiding from grains that danced with the wind

And at him

For, well… just being him

In those shorts and with that hat

Do you remember?

Running on the warm sand with me

To where the little boats lay tired and thirsty

We sat on their edge

Drawing stars in the sand with our toes

And we left them there

As a thank you note to the night sky

For always being there to wish upon

So when I need to, I go back there

Back to Corsica

With you

Between the mountains and the sea

Dancing on those little boats

Where all that mattered was just to be


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